About Terri Talks

  • Hey guys I’m Terri Svoronos, I’ve been in the industry as a performer since the age of 3 and as an agent, teacher, parent as well as wearing many other hats within the entertainment industry for 25 years and I want to share my knowledge with you

  • I’ve created a channel for parents who have kids and teenagers who are either interested in getting in the entertainment industry or are in the industry, that will educate them on the truths and myths surrounding this crazy industry.

  • I want you to meet experts in all the fields that we cover, but mostly I want to uncover the truths and myths about getting your child involved in the entertainment industry both here in Australia and abroad.

  • Having recently won the Telstra business award I was recognized and validated for my transparency in all my businesses and it’s this transparency that I want to bring to you.

  • Over the next twelve months We’ll be covering lots and lots of topics such as; what an agents role is, what a casting directors role is, how a child is submitted,your rights as parent's and so much more!!

Terri Talks Podcast

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